Svalbard Ski Touring

Svalbard is an arctic paradise for ski touring, full of wildlife and unexplored terrain. A cost line full of beautiful mountains rising straight from the ocean, surrounded by huge glaciers.

Spitsbergen (the largest island in this Norwegian polar region) is larger then Switzerland with a population of only 2667 people. Today 59% of the landscape is covered by glaciers. Here, at 79 degrees latitude, you find the northernmost settlement in the world with a permanent civilian population.

With a road network of only 50km, the mountains are best accessed by boat. However, we need to await late spring in order to sail through the otherwise ice covered archipelago of Svalbard. This time of the year the sun never sets, and we have 24h daylight for skiing and sailing.

Being so remote, sparsely populated, yet easy to get to, makes Svalbard a perfect destination for an arctic ski and sail adventure.

Ski and Sail Spitsbergen

The Svalbard ski and sail expedition is a trip of a life time!

Ski touring from our mobile home – a 67 foot steel sailboat equipped for sailing in the arctic – we have endless possibilities for great descents.

Even though the mountains are not very high, the mountains are very alpine. Combined with big the glaciers, the environment is often serious and demands a certain level of ski mountaineering, as well as confidence skiing in somewhat steeper terrain.

Life on an arctic ski and sail trip also involves many other activities and challenges. We will get to admire wild animals (whales, rain deers, birds, walrus and maybe even polar beers), we will fish for our dinners, and of course sail through the landscape to a new fjord each day.

Additional to our normal ski mountaineering equipment, we carry a rifle and flare gun for polar bear safety at all time on land. Your IFMGA Mountain Guide has experience with managing the safety of the group in polar regions, and will educated the group about the routines on land. Likewise our skipper will inform you on the special safety measures demanded when sailing in the arctic ocean.

Photo galleries from Svalbard ski touring and sailing:

Svalbard Ski and Sail – Trip Details

This trip is designed for two small private groups of maximum 4 clients in each, who will have one IFMGA/UIAGM qualified mountains guide each. With us on the sail boat we also have one skipper and one deckhand.

The trips start and finishes in Longyearbyen. There are regular flights to Longyearbyen from Oslo and also via Tromso (with SAS and Norwegian). Svalbard is relatively easy to reach by plane.

Our home is a comfortable 46-foot Bruce Roberts steel sailing yacht. We will spend 7 days on the boat and have about 6 ski-days.

Ski and sail trips 2024
Possible dates are:
06 -12 May
13 – 19 May
20 – 26 May


Sunday: Arrival in Longyerbyen.

Monday: Morning meeting in Longyearbyen for breakfast, making last arrangements before departure, boarding the boat just after an early lunch.

Monday to Sunday ski and sail as we please, 6 – 7 ski days.

Sunday evening return to Longyearbyen after the skiing.

Sail boat:

– 20,4m steal yacht
– 6 cabins: sleeps max 16 people (including crew)
– 4 toilets with showers
– Water tank 1500lt
– Sail area 200 m2
– Fuel tank 2000 l
– Emergency equipment: Satelite phone, emeragncy beacon, gun and flare gun for polar bear protection

We will be max 12 persons onboard :
– Max 8 clients, 2 guides, 2 crew (skipper and deck-hand)
– 4 cabins are available for clients

Price 2020: details coming soon, contact us if interested.
– Charter of the boat including skipper and deck hand
– Safety equipment for sailing (life wests, harnesses)
– Permits for all areas we may visit
– Group safety equipment: gun and flare gun for polar bear safety, satellite phone, plb emargancy beacon
– Gas and harbour fees
– Mountain rescue insurance at the amount demanded by the governer of Svalbard

Not included:
– Flights to Longyearbyen (sas and Norwegian have flights on regular basis)
– Hotel night in Longyearbyen before departure
– Food (including food for the guide, skipper and deckhand): we buy the food together in the supermarket before we board the boat. The cost for that depend a bit on what you would like to eat (about 200€ per person including drinks).

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