Responsible Travel

It is very much in the self-interest of alpinists and skiers to save our mountains and ensure that regulation of mountaineering stays minimal in the Alps and elsewhere. Mountain Spirit has a strong desire to minimize the environmental impact of our activities, to support local mountain communities, and to work with like-minded clients and partners.

As professional mountain guides, our aim is to share our passion for the mountains and create an awareness of the threatened high alpine environment. We wish to teach you how to minimize your impact on the alpine environment and open your eyes for the global problems of shrinking glaciers and progressive damage to the alpine eco-system, while giving you the adventure of your life!

During all our activities we manifest good mountaineering ethics and implement the transfer of environmental education and information to clients and team members.

Mountain Spirit Guides consists of only a few guides and group sizes are limited to small numbers (max 6 persons). Keeping it like this we avoid mass tourism and maintain high quality guiding with a personal touch.
With correct practice of our activities we can preserve the sensation of visiting wild and unexplored places also for the next generation of alpinists.

Our Policies for Sustainable Tourism

Using local tradesmen and guides: Always providing local guides, we can guarantee a successful experience for you. Knowing the area and the current conditions is the most important in order to safely challenge and educate our guests.
Our team consists of guides based in various parts of the Alps and northern Norway – we work where we live. This means little traveling for the guides, limiting pollution and also the prices on our courses.

For our small range of expeditions we have local connections and support small traders and local food and accommodation providers in the villages.

Accessing the mountains on foot: We encourage you to discover the dimension of ski touring and approach climbs on foot (even though we often combine this with using mechanical lifts). This is a superior way of exploring the mountains that gives you a stronger sensation of achievement.

Leaving no traces: We implement a ‘leave no trace’ policy at all times. After showing you to the most beautiful places, there will be no sign that humans have been there (except for the present trails and of course your ski tracks drawing esthetic lines, adding to the beauty of the mountain faces…).

Mountain huts: On our mountaineering and multi-day ski touring courses we use established hut systems to limit the human traces on the glaciers and the erosion problems in lower altitude. If we have the choice we use the huts with composting toilets and solar panels.

Recycling: We carry down all our rubbish from the mountains (even if there are bins in the huts) and recycle glass, paper & cardboard, metal cans and plastic bottles.
To some extent we recycle the equipment we use (ropes, skis, clothing) through exchange and return to providers.

Minimizing paper consumption and postal air miles: Our publicity is 100% Internet based. All information and communication is transmitted though our website or by email.

Culture and tradition: Operating in various parts of the Alps as well as in Scandinavia, we take into account the local traditions and promote the local culture.
When climbing it is especially important to respect the local agreements and historical aspects of in-situ equipment on climbing routes. And be observant not to trespass areas restricted by local customs (sacred land, agriculture or hunting areas, etc.).

Minimizing the use of vehicular transport: Getting from your accommodation to the start for our activities we drive together in our low-consuming vehicles if necessary, but often it is even convenient to get there on foot.

Travel: We recommend you to travel into the Chamonix valley either by shared airport transfer or by train, to lessen the heavy traffic on the Autoroute Blanche and in Chamonix town. On our courses, you will not need a car once you are here.

Others for Sustainable Mountain Tourism

Mountain Wilderness International… In defense of mountains! Visit the National Chapters for membership.
Protect Our Winters… climate advocacy group for the winter sports community.
Mountain Riders Alliance… A guide to sustainable development of mountain resorts.
Respect du Site du Mont-Blanc… association aiming to obtain a radical change in transport policy, on a French and European level, with the transportation of goods by rail and rivers. To save environment in the Chamonix Valley, without moving pollution to other valleys.