Weisshorn and Dent Blanche

This time we set off a 10-day period end of July for mountaineering with a list of potential goals, suitable for different kinds of conditions and affected by different weather fronts. Weisshorn and Dent Blanche were both on the list, among other bigger and smaller mixed- and rock routes in the western Alps.

Weisshorn is the second highest mountain in Switzerland, there are no cable cars to assist you, and it’s truly a long way to the summit. It was fantastic adventure to shar this long and committing climb with Alex.

Dent Blanche is s perfectly pyramide-shaped summit, with its four ridges pretty much pointing exactly to the south, east, north and west. Dent Blanche rises high above the largest glaciers of the Swiss Valais mountains, with fantastic views throughout the whole climb. The south ridge was dry, but on apparently solid rock. The long approach to Dent Blanch hut, followed by climbing the south ridge and descending all the way back to the valley, means sore legs and time to rest!

Often we set up a number of interesting objectives as goals for a course/client. We then set off on a journey to prepare for these climbs over a week’s time. Mountaineering is best practice when you adapt your itinerary to the current conditions and your current form, but you can still have short- and long term goals in mind.

Activites: Mountaineering.
Locations: Swiss Valais.
Seasons: Summer.