Spitsbergen Ski and Sail

Second week for Mountain Spirit on Svalbard 2017. We’ve adjusted to the particularities of skiing and sailing in the polar region. Night and day has turned completely upside down. The week becomes one long adventure of travelling through the arctic archipelago, stopping only to ski a mountain about once a day, fish some dinner, and watch exotic animals.

Notes from the crew:

“The first day/evening/night we spent travelling in rough sea. The tip of the boat crashing into the waves. Sleep was random. Not everyone escaped sea sickness. At some point during the night we found a sheltered spot to anchor the boat, of course not randomly but right infront of some great looking peaks to ski.

Stepping onto land for our first ski tour was a relief. Before heading into the hills we spend some time going through the necessary group behaviours for travelling through polar bear land.

Floating around in our own little bubble. Looking at mountains, wildlife and just the horizon. Everybody takes turns to steer the boat past little ice bergs towards our next destination.

A lot of the mountains are fairly steep and both skiing and climbing is sometimes challenging. Options are plentiful. However plans constantly change since there are many factors playing in when going skiing from a boat, far from civilisation.”

/Svalbard Ski and Sail, 28 May – 4 June 2017, with Seth, Alicia, Ryan, Jamie and guides Eva and Wolfgang, together with skipper Michael and deckhand Tomek.

More info about our Ski and Sail trips in Spitsbergen at Svalbard Ski Touring.

Activites: Ski Touring.
Locations: Norway and Svalbard.
Seasons: Spring.