Ski Lodge Life In Lyngen

A big part of our ski touring trips to Lyngen is the life at our lodge. The afternoons are long in the spring, but not boring at the tiny fishing harbour where 2 new houses are standing on the shore.

After a day of ski touring we might go fishing for our dinner, warm up in the sauna (alternated with a dopp in the sea), or just relax on the porch or in the lounge. The open space and large windows offers a living panorama of the most impressive peaks in Lyngen Alps, enriched by the coastal wild-life and traditional activity in the little harbour.

Cooking and eating together is also a central part of the holiday. We can count on getting fresh shrimps and cod straight off the boats coming and going next to the house. Lyngen is also famous for its tasty lamb, which we will roast. Together we will mix local specialities with your favourites on an active holiday.

Our host keeps motor boats at our disposal, should we want to go for a ride on the sea for fishing or skiing.

Ski Lodge Specifics

The two identical houses were built in 2014 in order to satisfy the needs for the perfect active holiday in Lyngen Alps. Modern design gives you a feeling of luxury comfort, yet the simplicity of a Norwegian cottage.
Bottom floor is an open lounge and living area with large windows towards the sea. Upper floor contains 4 bedrooms with twin beds where you get your rest and privacy.

– 2 bathrooms with showers (one on each floor), and a private sauna
– the fully equipped kitchen
– wireless internet connection
– laundry and drying facilities

Activites: Ski Touring.
Locations: Lyngen Alps and Norway.
Seasons: Spring and Winter.