Crevasse Rescue Course in Chamonix

Crevasse rescue courses for private groups all year round in Chamonix.

Most off-piste skiing and alpine climbing in the Chamonix area involves travelling on glaciers and therefore the hazard of falling into a crevasse. Crevasses on the glaciers in the Mt Blanc mountain range are often hidden under fragile snow bridges and can be several hundred meters deep. Accidents often have a deadly outcome if the victim is unprotected. Thus having the basic knowledge about glaciers and crevasse rescue is mandatory before venturing out in glacier terrain.

During our 1-day crevasse rescue course we learn to recognize and minimize the dangers around crevasses. Then we practice the rescue techniques needed in case of an accident. Afterwards we recommend you to practice and refresh your rescue techniques regularly.

Crevasse Rescue Course – 1 Day Theory and Practice

Whether skiing or mountaineering in glacier environments it is important to know how, and when, ropes should be used for protection. Spending a day on an actual glacier we can give you the tools to make safer decisions. We will make sure you master the following techniques:

– Glacier travel on foot and on skis
– How to place belay anchors in ice and in snow
– Self arrest
– Rescue techniques, how to pull someone out of a crevasse

Best time: all year around

Price: Group size:
1 to 3
450 € per group
125 € per person
110 € per person
100 € per person

– 1 day course with private mountain guide
– Group equipment (ropes, carabineers, etc)

Not Included:
– Mountain rescue insurance
– Avalanche safety equipment in winter (transceiver, shovel, probe)
Glacier travel equipment
– Lift pass

Group size: max. 6 persons per group

It is possible to include this course in your guided off-piste skiing or mountaineering program with us, if we spend more then one day together.