Guided Mountaineering Chamonix – Classic Alpine Climbs

Whether it is your first time in the mountains, wanting to explore high altitude, snow, rock and ice, or you are an experienced climber who wants to go for harder objectives, we provide mountaineering guides in Chamonix. If looking for a guide to climb a certain route or peak, or simply an unforgettable experience climbing any classic routes in the area, we will organize your personal program. Single or multi-day tailor made itineraries.

Often, people who has been introduced to mountaineering by climbing Mt Blanc with us get the surge for more, and wish to come back for more climbing and more technical mountain ascents. The classic mountaineering routes we climb for acclimatization on our 5 day Mt Blanc course together with the ascent of Mt Blanc is a great way to acquire some basic knowledge and get a feeling for what mountaineering is all about, but there are so many more beautiful peaks and ridges to climb in the Alps!

Chamonix Mountaineering

The Mont Blanc massif and Les Aiguilles de Chamonix is outstanding natural beauty with much to offer the daring – from alpine novice to expert. We will climb the famous mountaineering peaks and alpine ridgelines that have marked alpine history from its birth.

With beginners we might climb the extremely photogenic and exhilarating Cosmique Ridge or the airy Traverse of Aig. d’Entrève. Or a less exposed summit, such as Aig. de Marbree or Aig. de Tour for keen mountain walkers.

More demanding routes (longer with more obstacles to maneuver around) are for example; the freestanding rock tower of Dent du Geant with its 360 degree view from the top; Tour Ronde with amazing views onto the Brenva face of Mt Blanc; or the magnificent traverse of Aig. du Chardonnet.

Advances classics we can climb with experienced climbers are routes such as the spectacular Midi-Plan Ridge, or the dream-like Rochefort Ridge stretching from Dent du Geant to Grandes Jourasses.

Best time: June to end of September

Group size: Some climbs demands 1:1 guiding but most can be done with 2 persons per guide. For walk-up summits we can be up to 4 persons per guide.

Price: From 450€ per day. For more committing climbs or climbs that take several days we charge a bit more.

– 1 day of private guiding
– group equipment (ropes, carabiners)

Not included
– mountain rescue insurance
– Lift costs
– Personal equipment (harness, crampons, ice axe, helmet)

For bigger objectives we suggest that you come for a few days or a week of guided mountaineering in Chamonix so that we have time to acclimatize, prepare and get to know you a bit before attempting the climb.

Also have a look at our weekly programs for mountaineering in Switzerland:
Climbing classic or technical 4000m peaks in the Valais region and guided Matterhorn ascents.

With mountaineering we mean climbing peaks or ridges in mixed (rock/ice/snow) terrain. The standard personal mountaineering equipment is big boots, crampons and ice axe.
If you are only looking to actually put your hands on the rock and your feet into friction shoes, but still climb in the scenery of the high Alps, please look at guided alpine rock climbs.
If you want to improve your skills and become an accomplished mountaineer we offer introduction and advanced alpine climbing courses based on instructing and learning by doing.

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