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The Needles – From Nature To Rock Climbers

After an hour of pleasant cross-country hiking, the canyon between the Sorcerer and the Witch Needles opens up to you and hits with a striking beauty! Overlooking an alley framed by vertical, neon-green to white, granite walls. There is no need for a guide book to find the classic climbs. The perfect lines of cracks and corners are drawn out for you right there in the rock. Read More

Trad Climbing in Bohuslän

Bohuslän is Swedens foremost climbing area. The solid granite offers smooth vertical walls with clean splitters that makes it itch in the fingers of any crack climber. Trad-climbing areas like this are very rare in Europe. Those continuous finger or hand cracks you occasionally come across in the Alps (after 2h approach and 5 pitches of slab climbing) are lined up on 50-100m high walls, often rising off a lawn with playing children, a pick-nicking family or a few casual-looking cows. Read More