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Cogne Ice Climbing Conditions Jan 2013

In general there was less ice then what I have seen the last few winters in Cogne at this time of the year. The recent warm weather has made the ice white and thin in most places that are exposed to the sun. Heavy traffic has also contributed to chopping off the ice from certain pillars and cigars. Still there is lots to climb on the west side of Valeille (rive droite) as well as far into Valnontey. Read More

Ice Climbing In Cogne

I am happy to report that the winter is back to normal i the Alps, but must admit that thanks to the 'Great Powder Depression' we have rediscover the dimension of ice climbing after years of continuos skiing. Lyckily we are not far away from the ice climbing paradise of Cogne, an amazing place to take your ice climbing skills to the next level or just have a great holiday! Read More