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Best set-up for Lyngen ski touring trips Ten years ago we visited the Lyngen Alps for the first time, and since then we have been back most years. We like it for many reasons; the quality of skiing, the solitude, silence and absence of lifts and helicopters, the views, the fishing, the exotic food… The excellent quality of life is enhanced by the cleanliness and absence of air pollution as we know it in central Europe. In fact Lyngen and Northern Norway has become our favourite spring-skiing destination. I’ve told you about ski touring above the Arctic Circle before, but every year we explore more of the terrain and refine our ski touring trips to Lyngen so that we can offer the best experience for all level of skiers with the most convenient set-up for skiing and comfort.

Inspiration For You!

In 2011 we spent 3 weeks ski touring on the Lyngen peninsula. Some beautiful shots and teasing ski clips captures well the everyday life up there. First film is from the last week of March. Arriving just after a heavy storm and with lots of cold snow falling during the week. Luckily the weather is ever-changing and very local up there. Being at the right place at the right time, we often arrived on a summit in time for the clouds clearing and skied down with open views to the sea and the surrounding islands. Snow conditions were nothing but deep, cold powder! The 2 first weeks of April conditions gradually turned into spring snow on the south facing slopes while remaining powdery on the north faces. With the mild sun conquering the harsh winter, it is like a long lost friend coming back to share the joy of skiing the smooth, creamy corn snow. It is always special to finish a run straight by the sea, take your boots off, and cool your feet in the sea. Some even claim that there is a rule stating that if you make your last turn by the open water you are going in for an obligatory swim… Enjoy the Lyngen 2011 photo gallery.

House/Lodge versus Sailboat

For 2011 and 2012 we have decided to lodge in houses on the Lyngen peninsula, rather then sailing around on a yacht. This is to be able to maximize the good skiing we get as well as for the comfort and value for money. Staying on a sailboat is of course an adventure in it self, but from a skiing point of view it is less convenient. Preparing dinner at our house in Lyngen With the boat you can only start skinning from the harbours, thus only those mountains straight behind the harbours are suitable. Landing with the dingy from the boat elsewhere is often not possible due to wind and weaves. Since the skiing options are limited and there are now many boats around in Lyngen, it can also get a bit busy from time to time on those peaks. Staying in a house or a lodge and driving around the roads (covering all coast line and some in-land) we have seemingly unlimited options of peaks to ski. It also gives us more flexibility to adapt to the current weather and snow conditions, which is important since the weather is extremely local. Knowing the place well, we have never skipped a day of skiing because of the weather conditions, which means that for example 2011 we have had good skiing 6 days a week for 3 consecutive weeks. Other advantages with the house/lodge are that you have way more comfort, private space and possibilities to dry your things every day after skiing. We still get fresh fish from the local fishermen and the same magic views on our days out as well as from the terrace. Lyngen ski touring trips - best set-up

Trips coming up!

As on all our programs we mainly take bookings from private groups, but for the trips to Lyngen the prices drops considerably with the group size (up to 6 persons), and it is a great opportunity to meet other like-minded skiers. So if we can, we put smaller groups/individuals together to a larger one. This adventurous week offers possibilities for private space and time (staying in a spacious house) and you will not be very limited by the abilities of other members your group (as on for example a Mt Blanc week). Ideal is of course to have similar skiing abilities and touring experience, especially if you do not know each other, but even if you don’t everyone is guaranteed a good challenge and an unforgettable week. Therefore we will put dates out on the website (at Guided ski touring Lyngen) for groups to join, and announce when we have spare places in groups also on MountainSpiritGuide’s facebook page and Mountain_Guides twitter. Ski and sail trips to Lyngen will also be arranged in the future, but only for private groups, and we will need your request up to 1 year in advance.

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