Powder Skiing and Northern Lights

We’d like to share some of our happy memories from this winter and spring in Lyngen, northern Norway.

The consistently good skiing starts end of February/beginning of March, when day light consists of a permanent sunrise/sunset. This is when we like to make our entry up north, still hungry for deep, fluffy snow, but craving solitude and peace after a powder-hunting first half of the winter in the Alps. Our life in Northern Norway is all about good snow, happy people, nice accommodation, and closeness to the beautiful nature.

This year we got the opportunity to first ski on the Lofoten islands (west of Narvik) before settling down in our house on the Lyngen Peninsula (east of Tromsö) for 5 more weeks of incredible skiing and stunning views (March and April 2012).

Our experiences of the skiing and the perfect set-up for an unforgettable ski holiday in Lofoten, resulted in a new program for Lofoten Ski Touring Trips for 2013. As a ski touring destination Lofoten islands are still a well-kept secret, despite its beauty and great snow. Adventurous and wild, with steep mountains rising straight from the sea, it’s a place of striking beauty. Photos in our Lofoten Ski Touring Album on Facebook.

The Lyngen Alps then delivered as usual, with regular snow falls between sunny days, and more peaks and couloirs then you can ski in a lifetime. We have more amazing photos then we can share, but an extensive selection is presented in our Lyngen Ski Touring 2012 photo album.

For next spring we’ll organize all-inclusive ski touring trips to both Lofoten and Lyngen Alps. We have chosen to stay in a house rather then involving sail boats (for resons discussed at The Best Set-Up for Lyngen Ski Touring). Because of accommodation being limited and our trips being popular, we need to plan ahead. The early autumn is the time to contact us if you’re thinking of joining us up there.
All info at Guided Ski Touring Trips to Lyngen Alps and Guided Ski Touring on Lofoten Islands.

More inspiration

Ski Touring Above the Arctic Circle
Photo gallery from Lyngen 2013

Fire Up Lyngen 2013 by Anders Eskilsson

Skiing Lyngen is something I cant really describe. Once more the Eskilssons went skitouring above the artic circle in Norway. This movie hopefully will make you feel what i felt in March/April of 2013, enjoy!

Trollvasstinden, NW couloir, Lyngen Alps by Dusan Benes

During a week of couloir skiing we had several days like this exploring both north and south of Lyngen.

Also see the photo gallery from this week Couloir Skiing in Lyngen

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