Kask of Sweden – Goggles and Beanies

Kask of Sweden beanies and goggles

We would like to accknowledge and welcome our newest parter, Kask Of Sweden, having taken the role as our goggles and beanies sponsor. Sharing with the Kask team a good friendship and a great passion for skiing, we have the opportunity to represent not only the brand but a whole lifestyle – living life to the full, staying creative and free in the mountains.

The Kask products have both functionality, style and uniqueness. Comfortable hats and clothing to wear for skiing as well as after skiing (which means more or less at all times for us).

So from now on you will see us wearing odd-looking swedish handicraft on our heads, stylish mask goggles and smart looking hoodies and sweaters.

Courmayeur tree skiing in heavy snow fall

Gear Test

We took the googles out for a serious fog-test. A full day of deep powder skiing in the trees in Courmayeur (see photo gallery: Powder skiing in Courmayeur 5 Feb) . Snow was falling heavily all day, and there was plenty of sweat, happy tears, and tumbling in the snow involved. Our extra pairs of googles stayed in the back pack. Conclusion: Kask goggles stay fog-free!

The beanies are smooth and non-itching and have a tight fit around the ears that last. Thus the hat always stays on (except for the high one that was taken off by low branches in one tight-fit tree passage).

Kask of Sweden non-fogging goggles

About Kask

Founded by professional free skiers Kaj Zackrisson and Sverre Liliequist.
As the word spread about their talent for crocheting, and their homemade ski beanies became seriously sought-after, they found a way of sharing their handicraft with skiers all over the world. While outsourcing the production they have kept their own personal design, and the collection can be seen on their website: www.kaskofsweden.com. They spread not only “well fitting garment to wear with pride”, but also the mentality of free skiing – to “live a little”.

Freeride World Tour prize ceremony in Chamonix

But Kask do a whole lot more than keeping our heads warm and our visibility clear when we are skiing. Their blog keeps us updated on events in the free ride world; adventurous travels to mountains everywhere between the two poles of the earth, snow conditions all over the Alps, recent photos and ski movies… Kaj and Sverre are also showing off on the Freeride World Tour competitions year after year. Last week we had the guys in town for the Nissan Freeride de Chamonix Mont Blanc, as well as the Nissan Russian Adventure by Swatch (postponed after bad weather conditions in Sochi). Both of them were charging, and Kaj made one podium.

On top of entertaining and inspiring ski lovers, Kask supports the preservation of our planet. They contribute to the conservation of our nature through the World Wide Fund and the care taking of abandoned children by financial aid to SOS Children’s Villages.

Loving our new beanies and goggles from Kask

Many thanks to the Kask team. Keep on rocking in the World Tour!

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