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The Air Pollution in Chamonix

Chamonix, the outdoor mountain sport capital of the world, and an idyllic town of 12.000 yearly inhabitants at the foot of Mont Blanc. Well away from stressful and grey big-city-atmosphere, breathing healthy mountain air and value what is really important in lifeā€¦ Dream on, that image is about as a false as the smiling doctor on a Lucky Strike package. The sad reality is that it is that we choke on air pollution! Read More

Sustainable Tourism to Tufa Land Heaven?

Kalymnos is possibly the most popular climbing crag in the world! Climbers in cooperation with locals have brought a massive increase to the tourism on Kalymnos. The flexibility shown by local tradesmen and the quantity of high-quality rock climbing achieved is impressive. However, Kalymnos have yet to prove the sustainability of a climbers based tourist economy as well as environmental responsibility. Read More

What Can Climbers Do For The Alpine Environment?

Mountaineering itself is a celebration of nature, but when practiced by tens of thousands climbers every summer it inevitably causes progressive damage to the alpine environment. It is very much in the self-interest of alpinists to save our eco systmes and ensure that regulation of mountaineering stays minimal in the Alps. Read More